Uncovered Matches

Please see below a list of uncovered matches as of 12:30pm, Friday 21st July.

Note: The below is subject to change without notice.

Saturday 22nd July 

Kick Off Age Group Home Away Venue
11:20am 16/B Arncliffe Aurora FC Connells Point FC (1) Arncliffe Park
12:45pm 13/A Arncliffe Aurora FC Sans Souci FC Arncliffe Park
2:00pm 18/A Arncliffe Aurora FC Connells Point FC Arncliffe Park
3:00pm AA/C Hurstville Minotaurs FC Banksia Tigers FC (1) Beverly Hills Park
1:00pm AA/F Banksia Tigers FC Connells Point FC (1) Bicentennial Park East
11:00am 18/B Forest Rangers (1) Glory FC Gannons Park 1
1:00pm 18/A Lugarno FC Sans Souci FC (2) Gannons Park 4
3:00pm AA/G Lugarno FC Connells Point FC (1) Gannons Park 4
11:00am AA/F Forest Rangers (1) Penshurst West FC Gannons Park 5
1:00pm AA/B Forest Rangers Glory FC (1) Gannons Park 5
3:00pm AA/D Forest Rangers Sans Souci FC Gannons Park 5
11:00am AA/D Lugarno FC Bexley North FC (1) Gannons Park 6
1:00pm AA/C Lugarno FC Dolls Point FC Gannons Park 6
10:05am 14/A Banksia Tigers FC Rockdale Suns FC Gardiner Park
11:00am AA/B Carlton Rovers FC Connells Point FC Harold Fraser Reserve
10:25am 12/C Rockdale Raiders FC Carss Park FC J Graham Reserve
11:30am 16G/B Bexley North FC Lugarno FC J Graham Reserve
2:35pm 18/B ASOW Connells Point FC Oatley Park
11:00am AA/D Penshurst West FC Bexley North FC (1) Olds Park
10:05am 16/A Glory FC Sans Souci FC Penshurst Park
1:00pm AA/G Penshurst West FC Forest Rangers FC (1) Penshurst Park
3:00pm AA/G Forest Rangers FC (1) Glory FC Penshurst Park
12:45pm 13/A Connells Point FC Scots FC Poulton Park 1
1:00pm AA/E Oatley FC (2) Sans Souci FC Renown Reserve
3:00pm AA/E Oatley FC (1) Scots FC Renown Reserve
1:00pm AA/F Kogarah Waratah FC Rockdale Suns FC Scarborough Park 5
3:00pm AA/B Kogarah Waratah FC Glory FC (1) Scarborough Park 5
11:00am AA/C Kogarah Waratah FC Oatley FC Scarborough Park 7
1:00pm AA/B Ramsgate RSL Dolls Point FC Scarborough Park East


Sunday 23rd July 

Kick Off Age Group Home Away Venue
10:00am O35/A Arncliffe Aurora FC Lugarno FC Arncliffe Park
12:00pm O35/B Arncliffe Aurora FC Banksia Tigers FC Arncliffe Park
1:30pm O35/B Oatley FC Ramsgate RSL FC Renown Reserve