Skills Acquisition Program (SAP) Girls

Girls Skills Acquisition Program (SAP)

SGFA has 1 of 20 Girls SAP Licences granted by FNSW to Clubs/Associations and falls under our Centre of Excellence (COE) Development programs, open to female players aged 10 and 12 in 2017.

The 2017 program will be fulltime an incorporates Under 10 and Uner 12 teams.

The Girls SAP will incorporate the fundamental principles of the FNSW Girls SAP Structure document, FFA National Curriculum and Small Sided Football Regulations, including; match format, training loads, match loads, program duration and field dimensions.

Players will be placed in groups during the Game Phase of the SAP to ensure that they have quality matches to play each fortnight from March to August/September 2017.

Our staff have immense playing and coaching experience as well as great knowledge and technical expertise.

Under 10 Squad

Sophie Reid

Eliza Mok

Keira Rippon

Caydelan Mitchell-Bruce

Lucy Coxsedge

Elissa Hariri

Under 12 Squad

Aria Swan

Mya Callil

Kayla Dass

India Breier

Rose Fitzpatrick

Alexia Apostolakis

Jaime Dalla-Camina

Chloe Tseros

Millicent Markou

Zoe Evans

Sienna De Mari

Elisabeth Bubalo

Tiana Petkovski

Patricia Papagianopoulos

Christina Vandarakis